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    August 28, 2012


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    It seems that your main to biotechnology day is that it was hosted by a museum with 'natural' in its title.

    If you think the museum can't host a forum for the public on an important field of science because that field involves human agency, then you must also object to their art exhibition about climate change. You must certainly object to the coming exhibition on the Titanic. And your suggestion for a forum on biodynamic farming is completely out of the question for a Museum of Natural Sciences, given that it is both a human activity AND a pseudoscience.

    Dr. David Kroll has been exceedingly patient - not everyone agrees with you.

    I understand that some corporations have done some questionably unethical things in the pursuit of profits. But biotechnology is not inherently dangerous and I applaud the NC Museum of Natural Sciences for raising awareness and debate on this issue. Sounds like a fascinating program.

    I also reject the scare-words "Big Pharma" in your title. The Big Alt-Med industry scares me far more.

    I have gained a great amount of respect for the staff at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences following this incident. Especially, Dr. Kroll. My, was he patient and professional with you! Although you are entitled to an opinion, your continuous emails are like a annoying protester who just doesn't know when to go home or stop "occupying" Wall Street. Bless your heart.

    I fail to understand how science can have two sides to an issue. Science is not an issue - it is a form of study that involves research and experimentation. How you feel about the study and practice of science is something different.

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