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    August 28, 2012


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    I was very anxious to read this email exchange. First I would suggest that you pay attention to honorifics if you are going to use them. David Kroll should be addressed as "Dr. Kroll" or as he used in his signatures in his responses, simply "David". Your repeated use of "Mr" implies one of two things, your lack of respect for someone who worked hard for his PhD or your inability to pay attention. I suspect the former.

    This email exchange cements my thoughts that your worldview is anti-science. Your persistence in insisting that a scientific organization provide an equal platform for pseudoscientific ideas illustrates this well. As David said, it is unlikely that many of the people you recommend as speakers would qualify for the podium. To even suggest that Barbara Loe Fisher, someone who has been undermining so many scientific advances, should speak is laughable.

    Gene transfer is a wholly natural process that humans have learned to manipulate just like we learned to manipulate fermentation or selective breeding.

    I fully agree that one big problem in science today is that so much has been publicly defunded. Sadly, corporations are some of the only entities that are able to fund researchers these days. Your energy could be well spent fostering public funding of pure science so that researchers are less dependent on capitalistic firms with profit-making goals.

    I completely forgot to comment on your inflammatory post title. The Museum is not promoting GMO foods or Big Pharma. This type of sensationalism really goes too far.
    The museum promotes science, that's all.

    While we're at it, that's "Doctor" Betsy Bennett.

    Lawd, they were very patient with you.

    Really, Ms. Combs, you need to educate yourself.

    You suggested for "balance":

    Regarding the Pharmaceutical company representatives, an impartial venue would have involved those representatives as well as folks promoting informed choice, such as Barbara Lo Fisher of the National Vaccine Information Center and Dr. Larry Palevsky. Without balance such as they would provide there is no impartial venue for education.

    The executive director of the Institute for Science in Medicine, Linda Rosa, has written this about Ms. Fisher and her organization:

    "NVIC is a public health menace. For decades, NVIC – the most powerful anti-vaccine organization in America - has worked to undermine national vaccination campaigns by proliferating unfounded fears about the safety of vaccines and vaccine schedules. NVIC's president and co-founder Barbara Loe Fisher, featured in the Delta video, has falsely claimed vaccines are responsible for causing SIDS, multiple sclerosis, autism, asthma, diabetes and more. At a 2009 AutismOne conference, it is reported that Fisher likened US vaccine policy to Nazi medical experiments – that vaccines are a means to "de facto selection of the genetically vulnerable for sacrifice."

    Ms. Fisher has absolutely no training in medicine, vaccinology, immunology, or any other field that would allow her to opine on vaccine safety and effectiveness. What she does have is a talent for self-promotion and advancement of her highly biased agenda.

    Larry Palevsky MD is equally objectionable and certainly not a source of "balance" -- (a) he is a pediatrician, not an infectious disease specialist or a vaccinologist (b) he is well-known as an anti-vaccine activist (c) he has close ties to NVIC.

    What an unfortunate and wasteful effort to undermine bringing science to the general public. I wish you very poor success. I agree with DNlee5 -- they were extremely patient with you. I also agree with Lynn Wilhelm that the language you use in your post does you no favors with people who actually have an interest in science and would attend programs such as this one. Thank goodness.

    Agree with DNLee5. Dr. Kroll was AMAZINGLY patient with your ridiculousness.s

    It is no wonder they had to end communications, you are insufferable. Go bother the corporations, if that is who you dislike, and leave the nice folks at the museum alone.

    I have gained even greater respect for the staff at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences following this incident. If this is how they deal with very trying people, imagine how wonderful they'll be to nice people who want to learn things! To the Museum!

    Your "Take Action Alert" has spurred me to take action. I will send a strong message to the Museum of Natural Sciences to commend them on the professionalism, courtesy and patience of their employees, particularly Dr. David Kroll.

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