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    June 21, 2011


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    oh boy, it's endless. i'm totally defeated this AM. head in the sand is so much more pleasant. i dont have time for much more than emails and petitions. i wrte letters now and again altho as often as not that's social justice stuff, not environmental. it looks to me like this is the end, my friend. maybe not this minute. but i'm betting in 50 years we have about 20% of the current earth's population, and it's not going to be from forward thinking family planning.

    But to some extent, it isn't an either/or. As Michael Pollan points out in his fantastic book, The Omnivore's Dilemma, the current American industrialized food production is bad for the Earth as well as being bad for the body, AND it consumes more energy than it provides. So a move to a simpler lifestyle, particularly by eating non-pesticide/organic food you grow yourself or buy from local farmers, helps with, perhaps not health care freedom, but with health, as well as with environmental concerns.

    So with all you've been doing in encouraging people to buy local healthy foods, you've been promoting an environmental cause as well.

    One super-easy thing to do is compost. At least it's easy for those of us who have a back yard. If you don't have a secluded spot, dig a hole, if you do, just put some thick branches around a square yard or so of the ground and put your fruit, vegetable and eggshell discards there. Then cover with a thin layer of leaves or grass clippings.

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