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    May 05, 2011


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    Dr. Thorsen wasn't a prime author on the study & his "input" was not the lynchpin either.

    It wasn't "HIS" study - but a study done by collecting information from thousands of families, done by a team of dozens of researchers.

    I'm not the one that is misinformed here - I happen to listen to actual scientists and look at actual evidence, as opposed to Dr. Oz & JB Handley - or Jenny McCarthy for that matter.

    So, what about Wakefield's fraud & his experimentation on kids? Don't throw out the "Big Pharma" ploy on this one - he could have appealed but didn't. Maybe because he doesn't care about losing his license in England & makes more money here in the States as a consultant to misinformed parents (you have seen his million dollar estate in TX, right?)

    And you do realize that the MMR doesn't use Thimersol, right? Never has.

    I know I'm talking to a brick wall here - you're entire existence and self-worth is built around this idea of conspiracy - I would recommend reading "The Great Derangement" by Matt Taibbi. It explains why people are drawn to fringe beliefs to make up for their own feelings of helplessness or feeling powerless in the face of mainstream culture.

    If you and your ilk succeed in bringing back diseases like measles, mumps, rubella, polio, and pertussis, you will have honest to god blood on your hands.

    We know that these diseases kill tens of thousands of people all over the world - and it could happen here again. You ignore the proven fatalities and long-term consequences of these diseases because of some woo-driven belief that vaccines are the cause of all the world's ills.

    There are hundreds of studies out there, done by researchers from universities, independent labs, other governments, etc - and there is no link between autism and vaccines. All of your misguided beliefs aren't going to change the evidence.

    I'd love for you to try to prove that this vast conspiracy could successfully silence literally millions of people invovled in the health care industry - you'd have more luck trying to prove we didn't land on the moon.

    I'm very happy that my two vaccinated children will never know the misery that these diseases can cause - unless of course, your side wins and we have to start burying our children again.

    Again, I'd love to hear what you'd say to the parents of the 10 children (mostly babies) that died of pertussis in the California outbreak.

    If you cannot comprehend anything i have left here today i am sorry, i am now giving up as this is a waste of energy but not time, parents will read what i have presented that is recent REAL news.

    I am clearly going circles with someone who has no common sense, and see's a Gardasil death link as a car wreck? and is misinformed on a Swine Flu shot they probably gave their child not even knowing it contained Thimerosal or Cancer cells.

    I also believe Laura is right in her assumption that you are someone else, and you seem to repetively add a website on here to take people elsewhere than here.

    You are all about trying to be right and changing peoples minds, no matter how much proof i have presented today to prove you wrong. You say Vaccines are not the problem, Then later say no vaccines are safe so which is it?, So you do finally admit that they are not safe?

    So carry on with trying to sugar coat things and change them to your liking, but people are not as dumb as you think they are..

    I can only hope your children's mother will make vaccination decisions in your home and she actually reads to see what is in them first, these vaccines your putting in your children..Such as Swine Flu are deadly or debilitating..

    This article is from Dr,Mercola

    The swine flu vaccine was hit by new cancer fears after a German health expert gave a shocking warning about its safety.

    Lung specialist Wolfgang Wodarg has said that there are many risks associated with the vaccine for the H1N1 virus. The nutrient solution for the vaccine consists of cancerous cells from animals, and some fear that the risk of cancer could be increased by injecting the cells.

    The vaccine can also cause worse side effects than the actual swine flu virus.

    So, do as you wish but i sure have a hard time not believing several other countries who try and warn us about these vaccines and their dangers repetively!

    It clearly shows who not to trust doesn't it? Thats right your own damn country!

    Gamble with your kids if you must but i will not EVER gamble with mine..

    Good day or night wherever you are..

    So, 11% of people dying after contracting Meningococcal disease is a small risk?

    I don't understand how you could come to the conclusion that vaccines are somehow less safe then the diseases they prevent - over time, vaccine-preventable diseases (including Smallpox, which killed more people than any other disease in history - eliminated through vaccines) have killed literally hundreds of millions of people.

    You perception of reality seems very warped.

    Wow - you pull Mercola out as an expert too.

    No one, and I mean no one has ever stated vaccines are 100% safe and effective - and if you ever bothered to read the standard packaging or speak to your pediatrician, they are very open and honest about the risks and benefits. Vaccines are, however, much safer than the diseases they prevent.

    If you were so certain about the homeopathic & alternative treatments you praise on this blog, why do you include the standard disclaimer that this isn't about pushing medical treatments or offering actual medical advice?

    If you even look at your own statistics, the numbers of reported side-effects is a very small fraction of the millions, upon millions of vaccines that have been given over the last few decades.

    And adding the website is a way to get people to look at real evidence & not the crank stuff that you seem to be in love with - those are actual facts, not made up garbage to sell whatever the latest homeopathic (which, by the way - was invented in Germany in the 1800's - not so Eastern after all) or "alternative" treatment the con artists have to sell you.

    You say its all about the money - well, what do you think the profit margin is on supplements & homeopathic remedies - they sure aren't giving it away for free, are they?

    I'm sorry if I don't "comprehend" what you are trying to say - I deal with reality and facts, not fiction (like homeopathy - which, if it actually worked, would break several laws of physics).

    Due to outbreaks of preventable diseases - including pertussis in both California & Virginia, children are dead. You don't seem to want to answer the question - what do you say to those parents?

    I'd say this has been fun, but that would not be true. I've attempted to show you the real evidence that what you believe isn't true - that people, including Mercola, are making money hand over fist selling you on fad treatments, diets, and supplements that have been shown, time and time again, not to work.

    I would never wish ill on anyone - but I do care enough for my children to be concerned that people like you will bring back diseases that will endanger their health.

    Goodbye and good luck - cause you're going to need it.


    Sorry but the autism/vaccine correlation was proven false. I'm truly sory that your child has autism but its NOT due to vaccines.

    I would also point out in my letter that while the US govt has shielded vaccine manufacturers against the very REAL harm their products cause, they in no way shield Dr. Pederson or the school district from lawsuits following a documented vaccine injury a student might incur while adhering to the rules of this poorly thought out contest. Vaccines are a medical procedure with KNOWN risks (for those of you who are quick to defend them, who obviously have never seen your child suffer from a vaccine injury, as I have) and should not be so lightly regarded.

    I sent this e-mail message to Dr. Pedersen and members of the school board. Here is most of the message:

    "Dear Dr. Pedersen,
    I refer to the vaccination contest which you are promoting. I am aware that Attorney Alan Phillips has contacted you regarding judicial aspects.

    I assume that you are aware that all three vaccines are extremely controversial regarding safety issues. Many serious adverse effects have occurred with these three vaccines and they may, and most certainly in the case of the HPV vaccine, occur up to some years after administration.

    For interest, the fact that the HPV vaccine is promoted as one which may prevent cancer is also controversial. The normal phenomenon of replacement is well known in virology – where virus strains which are removed are replaced by other strains. It is not known whether the new strains will be more carcinogenic than the ones which are removed. This information is as yet unknown to the manufacturers and health authorities. In other words, it is not known whether the vaccine will actually increase the risk of cancer.

    Polysorbate 80/Tween 80, with its property of making the blood-brain barrier more porous, is included in certain injections in connection with drug targeting, in order to facilitate the passage of chemotherapeutic or psychiatric medicines through the barrier and into the brain tissue.

    The HPV vaccine Gardasil contains polysorbate 80 which renders the blood-brain barrier more porous so that toxic substances such as aluminium pass easier through the barrier and lodge in the brain tissue. This property is naturally highly undesirable.

    You do no doubt agree that vaccination should be based on informed consent. In order to be informed, each student should personally receive a copy of the original package insert for each of the vaccines and they should be given reasonable time to investigate. All original package inserts may be found in internet.

    Information in the inserts is formulated by the manufacturers. In addition, students should be advised to investigate further, for example in

    I respectfully request that also you personally carefully study the three package inserts and investigate for example in, so that you are well aware of, and can stand by your recommendations.

    An extremely relevant issue is that of co-administration, that is the administration of several different vaccines within a short period of time. It is imperative that there is satisfactory safety data regarding the co-administration of these three vaccines. The combination of these three vaccines when co-administered may result in extremely serious and irreversible adverse effects, irrespective of whether single administration is deemed safe.

    For your information, there is no data whatsoever which guarantees safety regarding co-administration for the three vaccines.
    This implies that in the case of vaccine injury there will be minimal possibility to prove that the injury is caused by a specific vaccine. The result will no doubt be that there will be no compensation paid for the injury.

    Students should be informed in writing about this fact, which in effect implies that there will be no possibility for compensation in the case of vaccine injury.

    Apart from possible and serious judicial aspects, in all due respect may I add that you are in fact imposing on yourself a moral and ethical burden in promoting this competition.

    I have faith in assuming that you are aware that the safety of the three vaccines issued singly is extremely controversial.

    I also have faith in assuming that you are unaware that the safety of the three vaccines in the case of co-administration cannot and will not be guaranteed.

    I take the liberty of requesting therefore that you seriously consider immediate termination of the contest".

    The issue of vaccinations can certainly be argued from both sides. The point here that is truly appalling to me is that children are being directly enticed to make healthcare decisions in exchange for an ipod or laptop. 16-year-olds are told they can get vaccinated without their parent's consent or knowledge.

    Does anyone here - on either side of the issue - agree with bribing kids in order for one family who lost their child to feel better about "helping" others? I understand how horrible it would be to lose one's child, but even that child had been vaccinated(!)

    I'm on the fence about vaccines in general - I think some are wonderful and others may be questionable. But that's not what bothers me about this. I feel that if schools are concerned about vaccines, they should be communicating with parents - not bribing children. They could be pointing parents toward unbiased educational materials so that parents are informed enough to make their own thoughtful conclusions - without incentives beyond the most important one of all: the good health of their child.

    Can you tell us more about this? I'd love to find out more details.

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