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    May 05, 2011


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    I can see alot of people think this experiment is ok or is changing their names on here.I am guessing you work for the Government?, As this is an attempt to soothe peoples minds.

    I'm very well educated as to all this and the lies and cover-ups currently coming out, as are other parents of Autistic children. and apparently there are other countries who agree this is wrong and stopped using Thimerosal by 1980 such as:

    Russia banned thimerosal from children's vaccines in 1980. Denmark, Austria, Japan, Great Britain and all the Scandinavian countries have also banned the preservative. but yet we were the only country still to chose to use this on our kids here?? why?? with so much proof out there?? and repeatedly use this again in our kids for Swine Flu??

    I will tell you what i honestly think..Either we are trying to make a super human, as some of these Autistics are Savant and Genious, or this is some kind of attempt of depopulation.

    Have you not noticed all the vaccinations all of the sudden everyone needs coming out for children?? Gardasil, Swine, etc..etc..Gardasil my oldest daughter 21 received and is now having low estrogen problems??? She has been fine all her life..

    So you think this is safe? From above:

    HPV vax, a non-mandatory vax, is included). These children are not fully informed of the possible risks of vaccination, are underage, and are being bribed to take actions that will possibly injure them. This scenario, while almost certainly not foreseen by Dr. Pederson, but it is still unconscionable and must be stopped.

    No one can change my mind about any of this i cannot be fooled by the Government anymore. Good luck to you with the other uninformed souls on here. The proof is all over the internet of vaccine injury caused deaths, and brain damage these are facts.

    Here is another fact :

    Schools around the world and Vaccination deaths and illnesses due to Vaccine drives:

    This child died from the Gardasil vaccination:

    These are the rising Gardasil deaths from 2010:

    How anyone can trust our Government is beyond me..

    Laura - Thimersol hasn't been used in standard US Vaccines since 2001/2002 & was never used in the MMR (the one that seems to get all the blame for autism).

    Again, you really need to read:

    And what would you like to say to the parents of the 10 children in California that died of pertussis?

    And lastly, one of the girls that it is claimed "died of the Gardisil shot" was hit by a car. How exactly do you blame the vaccine for that?

    You also use VAERS as a guide - since anyone can post anything in the database (it is public), and I've seen vaccine reactions that included "the MMR turned me into the Incredible Hulk," and "my daughter turned into Wonder Woman after her last vaccination" I really don't put much stock in a publically updated database.

    Worldwide, tens of thousands of children die of vaccine-preventable illnesses - 30,000 people die of the flu every year in the US, that's every year. Tell me again where the problem is, because is sure isn't vaccines - it's the kooks that are trying to make money off of the false fears of parents.

    Nobody here but a concerned parent of two fully vaccinated children.

    Laura Short - Lynn Wilhem, who started the comments to support vax on my blog thread, has a long history of rebutting almost anything I do. Lynn is a landscape architect by trade.

    In another forum in which we both participate, she supported a bill to make felons out of all non-licensed complementary and alternative medicine practitioners, and stated on the forum that the forum members who practice CAM should be charged as felons. I, on the other hand, was opposed to the bill and organized the effort to stop it (which worked by the way). So we duked it out in a networking forum containing a significant number of CAM people that I was trying to alert about the bill. Somehow the moderator has allowed her to stay on the forum even though she is working to jail sister members.

    Lynn is very strong/pro-vax, as I learned on the other forum. If you say something she doesn't agree with, she will attack and attack again. This has happened to me and other people.

    The nice thing about my blog is that I can delete her. Can't do anything about her anywhere else, but on this blog I can.

    The first negative comment I got on my post was from Lynn, with Lawrence soon to follow. Lawrence - you are a friend of Lynn Wilhelm's I am guessing?

    Never heard of her before today - so no, perhaps someone whom with I agree with, but certainly not a tag-team effort.

    As a concerned parent, I very much dislike the idea of my children being put at risk because of the unsubstantiated claims made by others.

    My family history has been catalogued back several generations (back to our origins in Ireland) & I've seen the death records of many of my ancestors - died in childhood, of the measles, mumps, and "whooping cough." My grandmother was one of 13 brothers and sisters, only 8 of whom lived to adulthood - the rest died of diseases that we routinely immunize for today.

    Feel free to delete all of my comments - it is your right - but what does that say about your own beliefs when you can't actually refute what we've said here today, only censor us so your readers only get one side of the story.

    I, on the other hand, believe in a healthy debate & am more than willing to change my opinions should the evidence tell me otherwise.

    I'm backed by actual science & evidence:

    What's your excuse?

    No, You are wrong Lawrence. Thimerosal was used in children for the Swine Flu scare in 2009. I refused this for my kids for the obvious reasons.

    As for the girl who died after the Gardasil Vaccination, i have no clue what you are reading but it was not my link and had nothing to do with a car.

    More and more you seem to be covering things up here, or trying to sugar coat things, i see why people stopped posting. It does not take a genious to figure out you are someone who wants results, of this experiment for some reason and wants it to continue. By preaching how safe vaccines are.

    Gardasil death:

    A spokesman for Coventry Primary Care Trust said: 'An urgent investigation has been launched and while we wait for the results from the post mortem all vaccinations using the drug have been temporarily stopped'.

    It is not yet known whether Natalie had an extreme - and very rare - reaction to a standard vaccine, or whether the particular dose she was given was from a rogue contaminated batch.

    A number of her classmates have reported alleged side-effects from the jab.

    Julie Roberts, the school's headteacher, said special assemblies would be held.

    Again you may fool others but not me and i hope everyone sees that now after these repeated attempts, to make people think my links are not what they say they are.

    Now, i know you have to work for the Government and are trying to cover all of this up. Goodluck there, there are lots of parents out there to convince who are foolish. But not this parent who is educated and informed.

    Wow - I can certainly tell you that I don't work for the government & the fact that you would even claim that shows the depths to which your own self-deception & delusion has sunk.

    No one has ever claimed that vaccines were 100% effective & 100% safe - in the medical world, nothing is. We can only work to make them as safe as possible - and they have been, since the beginning, much safer and better than the diseases that they prevent.

    You obviously have no notion what these diseases can actually do to children - just travel to any third world country and talk to the parents that lost child after child to something as simple diarrhea or the measles, or worse, watched deformed babies born from mothers who contracted rubella during their pregnancy.

    Oh, and to address your thoughts on the Flu vaccine - Thimersol-free versions have been available for years, you only have to ask for it.

    If autism was linked to Thimersol - why aren't we seeing a decrease in autism diagnoses, now that most vaccines are thimersol-free? And the MMR never had Thimersol in it.

    Again, read and feel free to counter any of the information there will real, science-based evidence.

    So, what do you say to the parents of the 10 children who died of pertussis in California?

    Thank you for explaining that Laura, I actually just caught

    Lawrence - sorry to make an incorrect association between you and Lynn.



    One more thing to say Lawrence - not going to delete any of your comments. I do leave dissenting comments on my blog. Lynn and I have a long history of her taking me on. She is a bully, and I don't have much patience for bullies. This is the one place that I don't have to listen to her.

    All i can say Lawrence is that you are misinformed, this has all been a cover up even the Kennedy's knew this. “The CDC relied on Thorsen to prove that vaccines do not cause autism which he failed to prove.

    The CDC relied on Dr. Thorsen to prove that the MMR vaccine were not hurting children which he did not prove. In the year 2003 Dr. Thorsen along with his research group in Denmark stated that the mercury in vaccines could not be responsible for autism cases since they rose 20 times more in a country that banned mercury.

    It turns out that the good Dr. Thorsen failed to report that during that study a new mandated reporting system was implimented that resulted in a higher reporting ofdy autism cases. Not because there was a increase but because autism cases prior to that time period -were never reported.”

    “Now the media latched onto this report and blasted all parents who blamed their children’s disabilities on vaccines and even the New York Times relied on Dr. Thorsen’s study which was skewed and basically inaccurate and unscientific as well as basically a lie.

    The IRONIC PART of this story is that Dr. Paul Thorsen is a psychiatrist -he has no qualifications whatsoever in Toxicology and he is not a research scientist that used quantitative analysis for his study.

    Basically it is junk science and the CDC promoted this as truth and lauded this man for his opinions. You really have to wonder where the US is headed for in terms of vaccines and how many vaccines your children can actually have before they become permanently damaged. How many is too many is a good question because there is not one study that proves vaccines are safe.”

    I am not on here to argue with you, but people need to know what is going on. I will voice my opinion as well as you do yours. The truth is all coming out now, more parents are winning suits everyday for this and other vaccine injuries. Such as today.

    Here is CDC'S response to all this today:

    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a statement saying that “the overwhelming body of evidence to date by the best scientists at CDC and around the world for that matter does not support a link between vaccines and autism.”

    LOL, They depend on a Psych Dr to do Toxicology HE IS NOT QUALIFIED FOR! REAL CREDIBLE SOURCE THEY ARE..GEESH

    This is real life and real people, and real news. It is our children who are being experimented on AND IT NEEDS TO STOP NOW!!

    The comments to this entry are closed.

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