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    May 05, 2011


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    This is just unbelievable. I'm literally speechless. How could anyone think that such a thing is ethically sound? They should be charged with attempted murder.

    Thank you so much for posting this. What I can not believe is that on top of all this, the girl that died WAS VACCINATED AGAINST MENINGITIS.

    "Cora and her husband, Paul, were shocked to hear that Julia died as a result of meningococcal disease, since Julia had been vaccinated against the disease a few years earlier. The Harrison's didn't realize that it was important to be aware of the symptoms of meningococcal disease, because even with vaccination some people may contract the disease."

    The FACT alone that the girl who died from meningococcal disease, was vaccinated two years previously, CLEARLY indicates that vaccines DO NOT work. Injecting disease and toxic chemicals into one's blood stream has NEVER been proven "safe and/or effective"... I would like to know how much this school and it's employees are getting in cash rewards to push this NONSENSE??? Talk about UNETHICAL and practicing medicine without a license...not that it matters anyway... It NEVER ceases to amaze me the levels to which BIG pharma will stoop to make a buck or two. Just paying $800 for an I-Pad is a whole lot more cost effective than the astronomical cost of a life time of serious health problems and family heartache that these vaccines DEFINITELY DO cause...

    Thank you for reading, and thank you for this information. I am arranging some press around this, and this is such an important thing to know!!

    I would recommend reading through the information on this site:

    There is a lot of misinformation out there & scare tactics used by charlatans pushing "alternative remedies" in place of proven medical science. Get educated.

    Any parent would absolutely out of their mind to let their child be an experiment, and should be charged with child abuse!

    Swine Flu was also a bribe at school!! The kids got icecream who received these vaccinations containing Thimerosal..omg..I'm soooooooo ticked off right now..Where do these kids stop being experiments? Are we trying to make a superhuman like the Germans tried or what? why do they do this to our kids? This is like the Holocaust!!

    The fate of Jewish and non-Jewish children can be categorized in the following way: 1) children killed when they arrived in killing centers; 2) children killed immediately after birth or in institutions; 3) children born in ghettos and camps who survived because prisoners hid them; 4) children, usually over age 12, who were used as laborers and as subjects of medical experiments; and 5) those children killed during reprisal operations or so-called anti-partisan operations.

    You are objecting to a public health exercise aimed at protecting children from disease? Why would anyone be so irresponsible?

    The risk of an adverse reaction to a vaccine is tiny in comparison to the risks of being killed or permanently damaged by one of the diseases they are very (though not 100%) effective against.

    Please don't believe the anti-vaccine propaganda that is so common on the internet. Get some reliable information about vaccine safety instead. VAERS is not a reliable source of information about adverse reactions to vaccines. Here's what they say on their website:

    "A report to VAERS generally does not provide sufficient basis for concluding that the identified vaccine(s) caused the adverse event described. It only confirms that the reported event occurred sometime after vaccine receipt. No proof that the event was caused by the vaccine is required in order for VAERS to accept the report. VAERS accepts all reports without judging whether the event was caused by the vaccine."

    I am truly shocked that anyone would start a campaign against a life-saving measure like this. Please reconsider what you are doing. I am sure you are well-meaning, but you have been lied to about this.

    I have 2 Autistic children and have seen first hand what Mercury does to children..That is a fact..And then to come out with a Swine Flu vaccination and start using Thimerasol again in children?, after being banned in every country but the U.S. by 1980 proves this..I trust no vaccinations that are not totally necessary, and will continue to refuse them for my children..What could the effects be on a child with a learning disability already and or brain damage? You really have to consider that..It is coming out finally after this cover up:

    That mercury is to blame..Parents need to be informed on this situation unfolding..

    This came out yesterday:

    Laura - you really need to read the information provided at:

    Natural News is not scientific, not science, and certainly not a reliable place to get information regarding the welfare of your children.

    The amount of misinformation & outright lies that are being told here is a health hazard all in itself. Your parents had you vaccinated - and you were spared having polio, measles, mumps, rubella, pertussis, etc - vaccines have been around longer than almost all other modern medical science (from the first smallpox/cowpox vaccine) & have been vetted in more circumstances than you could imagine.

    Try moving to a country where all of these disease are endemic - you'd be surprised how quickly the natives want to get vaccinated, because they've seen whole generations of children either killed or permanently maimed by "simple" childhood diseases.

    Did you ever wonder why our past generations had some many kids - it was because 1 in 5 (or more) died before the age of five. You've been mislead by charlatans and woo-pushers who would like nothing more than to sell you their books, their "homeopathic treatments," and god-forbid chemical chelation / lupron protocol (i.e. chemical castration) in the name of "scary" vaccines.

    Seriously - please read the link & educate yourself. Don't let those who know nothing about modern medical science put your children at risk of diseases that, by all rights, should have been wiped out already.

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