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    September 08, 2009


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    I am not without sympathy for your situation & I also would like to see a solution, but a government that cannot handle Cash for Clunkers, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, etc, etc, can only be counted on to do a lousy job with healthcare, too.

    When Katrina hit, the govt. could not get things done effectively - it was mainly private groups acting on their own who brought people the food & water & supplies they needed when they needed them. I could go on forever about all the mistakes that were made, & despite the political props, it was not a Rep or a Dem screwup - it was typical bureaucracy.

    All the hopeful, positive thinking in the world cannot change a long-standing proven track record for all governments in general, as well as ours in particular, to be inefficient, wasteful & expensive.

    Subsidiarity is the only effective way of getting things done. Healthcare needs to be solved by those who will actually have to live with it - and dealing honestly with the resources that we as a country do - or do not - have just as we must do with our own personal resources.

    Again, I hope I do not sound unsympathetic. My family has had to deal with layoffs several times over the years & I know that it is very stressful. I do hope your husband is able to find employment soon & that you all are able to stay healthy!

    Thank you for your comments and good wishes, Grace. I fully agree about taking responsibility. Government helped to create the health care crisis and they can’t possibly be the ultimate solution. To take it one step further, the issue is much bigger than insurance. It is about taking personal responsibility to care for ourselves. What we put into or onto our bodies. And how we feed ourselves. With every bite we eat, we choose how we will live and how we will die. Tomorrow’s post goes into this, with an op-ed by Michael Pollan.

    Thank you for reading, and keep on commenting.

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