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    February 14, 2009


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    Salmonella is as natural as it comes. You can find it in the earth and in bugs. That's the same earth and bugs that the backyard chickens scratch in and eat.

    It doesn't really matter if you know the chickens intimately. Bacteria is bacteria.

    I was reading your site and was wondering if you would be open to pasteurized shell eggs if you knew more about the company and where the eggs came from. National Pasteurized Eggs is currently the only patented FDA, USDA, and military approved eggs.
    These eggs are pasteurized, the process is explained on their website (, to remove salmonella bacteria making it safer to consume raw eggs. Fresh eggs may not contain as much bacteria, but are still at risk for bacteria and illnesses since they have not been pasteurized.
    National Pasteurized Eggs' brand Davidson's Safest Choice can be found in grocery stores and provide a lot of information on their website. They are sold to many food service institutions and many hospitals and health care facilities choose to serve their eggs.

    For more information please feel free to contact me ( or visit their website.

    Thank you

    I appreciate the comments sent in earlier today. They result in more research and a great discussion.

    I agree, Salmonella is as natural as it comes. Regarding knowing how well the chickens are raised and the eggs collected, I believe that is important because the consumer is taking responsibility for ensuring that the food is the best and safest quality.

    When considering every major salmonella outbreak (or other food borne illness outbreak), including the most recent salmonella contaminated peanut butter-related incident that this past month has sickened 600 people and killed 9, mass production and mass treatment of food are most often the culprits. Taking the peanut butter incident one step further, their Texas facility was shut down due to rat feces in the ceiling that was being sucked into the ventilation and spread throughout the food processing area and into the products people were consuming.

    Regarding pasteurization and National Pasteurized Eggs, if other local sources of eggs were not available, I would consider those. That said, I try to avoid any kind of factory food. I try to avoid pasteurized eggs for my family, because pasteurization kills some of the beneficial properties of eggs, just as pasteurization kills the beneficial properties of milk (we are raw milk consumers, too).

    Bottom line is that natural, unprocessed foods have been consumed by humans and their ancestors for over 250,000 years. Recent processing and denaturing has become necessary in some instances because the natural cycle has been corrupted, making food unfit for consumption. Many processed foods (many of which are fake, anti-nutrient "foods" have also made people more and more ill. Humans have not evolved quickly enough to accommodate all of the unnatural food changes, particularly in the last 150 years or so.

    Finally, people who consume unprocessed, healthy, nutrient dense food are less likely to be sickened by salmonella and other diseases.

    The simpler the better is a concept my family does our best to live by.

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