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    January 22, 2009


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    I think you need a really good history lesson.

    Western Medicine & Scientific Methods- began in Ancient Greece with people like Plato, Socrates and Hippocrates.."let food be thy medicine and medicine thy food".

    Then we had a 'blip - for Western Europe ie Christianity/hoccos pocus/dark ages"...but rational methods kept going in the Byzantium and Arab worlds.

    By 1450's..the knowledge returned to Italy and Renaissance..

    Modern Medicine is built on knowledge gotten over 5000 yrs..get a grip and learn some history.

    Does this mean that bottled lemon juice won't have the same desired effect???

    That is right... Bottled Lemon juice, Bottled almost ANYTHING, we use it just there for the flavor ONLY, with ZERO nutritional value...
    ANYTHING Bottled or Boxed has ZERO Nutritional Value...
    I am 47 and I am just learning this NOW!!! I have donated a pantry full of canned veggies and now I use ONLY is cheaper and tastes better.

    read: Fit for life NOT FAT for Life..

    There was HISTORY info??? Heck in school i didnt do History and well... I dont do it now. History isn't going to make me healthy(ier), information in this article will and does. Let someone have an err... too bad you couldnt tell her all the POSITIVE information that she provided to us, but you only let her know about the NEGATIVES :(....

    oh and dont listen to Dr. Oz a few weeks ago he said to use Bottled Lemon in your water to assist in losing weight..... I dont believe ANYTHING he says on his show now. I have only watched it a few times and i saw that and I knew that bottled Lemon Juice IS NOT beneficial to our bodies...

    You need to go beyond your current realms of knowledge. Read Ayurveda which is the first school of medicine in human civilaization which strongly enciurages highly alkaline diet. Give proper credit sister or stop writing. Don't distort facts and history with your limited knowledge. Go and pick up a book on Ayurveda, followed by millions of Indians, and get reformed.

    Thank you for reading, Charak. I will get to Ayurveda. As I have stated throughout the blog, it takes a community to take the health journey, and I have learned a lot since the 2.5 years that I wrote that post thanks to reader comments and my own explorations.

    I don't follow one philosophy because their are many ideas with much merit. I look forward to reading more about Ayurveda, though.

    In peace,


    Thank you for reading and understanding that I am trying to do my best, Rene!


    Really great post, Thank you for sharing This knowledge.Excellently written article, if only all bloggers offered the same level of content as you, the internet would be a much better place. Please keep it up!

    Thank you.

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