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Colson Takes Cod Liver Oil Video

Colson Eating What He Doesn't Like


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My family's holistic journey toward great health began in earnest when Colson was born ten years ago. I couldn't imagine feeding him typical American food (fast food, candy, sugary, tooth-rotting beverages, processed junk), so it was time throw my Standard American Diet (SAD) under the bus. Both Ryan, my husband, and Colson have been supportive well beyond my hopes, with each of them occasionally leading our family journey toward fantastic health. The surprising and motivating health gains we have made have been gifts based on the food we eat.

Before this holistic journey, I was considered very healthy by most standards. Now I know what a sham that was. Thank goodness Colson will be spared the health challenges Ryan and I experienced.

Finally, because he is so stinkin' cute, I included a few videos of Colson's healing food adventures five years ago.